I took a basic flight lesson


Some tips that have worked for me with memory problems since the brain damage

I carry death in my left pocket. Sometimes I take it out and talk to it: Hello, baby, how you doing? When you coming for me? I’ll be ready. -Charles Bukowski

I’m not a fearless person, although compared to many “normal” people who are scared of irrational common things (flying, getting mugged constantly, etc.) I don’t have any fear. But I detest fear, when I feel it in my over something I have to face it immediately or I will obsess over it. I’m used to this, for most of my life my hallucinations tortured me. The dark that came every night brought with it aggressive demons from the backs of my mind that held me in bed and tormented me. Like a knee jerk reaction I taught myself (over a long period of time) to immediately confront my hallucinations and take get it out of the way. No more being tortured, no more being afraid, and if the depths of hell open up and swallow me or the hallucination consumes me then so be it- I would not be frozen in fear. Of course neither of those things happened, and I learned that my hallucinations were just there to let me know that something wasn’t working correctly in my head. They weren’t there to hurt me… just there. 

And I have had actual brushes with death (skiing off the side of a slope, a shark) I don’t fear death at all.

So my greatest fear? Not becoming what I want. Getting caught up in boring drone stuff and missing chances for life. 

To think about death causes you to think about life.

Charlotte Comicon


nite nite

nite nite

"The Girls"

Me playing some hot badass girls!

Non-stop terrible stunt action!

Ready to drown in awesome/kickass/terrible stunts!?!

I now gots me a playlist of non-stop stunt vids featuring yours truly.

You are welcome world

How NINJA RACHEL opens a bag of chips!


whats the point of making a new tmnt movie when we have this masterpiece